Novak Café & Restaurant

Novak Café & Restaurant

The restaurant chain belonging to the best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, attracts with its pleasant, tennis atmosphere.

The international cuisine restaurant with an extraordinary combination of different flavours, authentic interior and excellent service make it unique and favourite among all generations.

Salads, whose rich colours, vitamins and dressings will surprise you.

Pastas and sauces that will touch the most refined taste buds.

Steaks are marinated with many tested worldly techniques.

A special gluten-free menu!

Rich range of quality wines from the world's most famous regions.

Perfect coffees...

Desserts that will close the magic circle, will make you feel special and happy.

Visit us and discover for yourself...


The ambiance, the comfort, the superb international cuisine of "Novak Café & Restaurant" which have been the privilege of the inhabitants of Belgrade so far, can now be in your country, in your city.